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Wednesday, Jun. 09, 2021 - 6:52 p.m.

So I got another jewelry reorder. Been plugging along on that. We have to leave for Memphis in a couple weeks and I feel like I’m going to be losing $ being there, but I expect people will still order if they don’t mind me getting to it when I get home. And that’s probably just me resisting going as I always do. For good reason. Stress and demand avoidance and stress eating making me gain 10# and throwing off my routine. All the talking. All the questions about what we should have for dinner.

Was thinking of scheduling a tattoo while I’m there but I don’t know if it’ll be enough time. Wasn’t quite ready to get this tattoo yet but don’t want to go back to the guy who has been cancelling on me, at least not till he gets his scheduling sorted out. And I don’t want to find anyone else in this town.

Monday it was “I’ll message this evening with a time this weekend”. No message that evening. Next morning I messaged him to ask if he had any idea when an opening might be. Over 24 hours now and he hasn’t viewed the message.

So anyway. The guy in Memphis is really in Mississippi and I don’t know my way around that well and am kinda nervous about that part of it. And it’s not a block print aesthetic. But it is black work and I think would look nice. So I guess I’ll message and see if it’s even possible before I go deciding anything about it.

Had a hard time focusing this morning. It was like butterflies stuck in peanut butter. Doing anything, all I could do was try to focus on just that thing. No planning or ability to consider the next task. That was like driving in heavy rain at night with no windshield wipers. I took a nap and it was better and I made strawberry lemon bars.

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