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Language Log

Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2021 - 8:14 a.m.

It’s been going ok so far. It helps a lot that the kids have been getting along and generally happy and not needing much oversight. Managing their frustrations better. So I’m just going day by day with it. And so far, so good.

Got the laptop along, started working on transcriptions yesterday. It’s a lot slower on the laptop and I have yet to figure out why, exactly. Having an actual mouse may help. But it’s good to have that to do since I still am not creatively inspired.

Started doing the core exercise program… they have a thing where everyone’s doing it online together for accountability, and maybe I’ll be able to get further with it this time. Last time I decided I wasn’t actually flexible enough for a lot of the moves. In the flexibility work, the new achievement I unlocked the other day was to be able to go from kneeling… sitting back on my heels… to standing, without using my hands. That movement where you rock back so your feet are under you and you just have to stand up, I never was able to do that before. Not enough control to avoid just toppling over. I wouldn’t say I’m graceful at it yet, but I still feel a sense of achievement. Inconceivable.

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