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Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2021 - 6:36 p.m.

Today’s vent: grandparents who concern themselves overmuch with their grandchildren’s underwear.

You know what happens when someone chooses not to wear underwear? The exact same thing that happens if they don’t. You have to wash their clothes. As long as they’re not wearing skirts, it’s no one’s business. You can provide it and suggest it and explain the thinking, and that’s all.

I receive the look of bafflement and confusion at the idea that I don’t hound my children to wear clothing they don’t want to wear. AGAIN.

Also they keep asking if I’m going to get her a training bra. Ok so she’s 11, I was 13 when I got mine and I still remember how embarrassing it was and how uncomfortable it was. I HATED it. And now we know that in fact there is no point to bras other than to defer to the uncontrollable male gaze. There is absolutely no reason other than that grown ass men may not be able to act right around a child or young woman. As far as breast health, it is damaging if anything as the artificial support causes the muscles that would normally support the breasts to be weaker and not up to the job.

If she wants something to absorb boob sweat or hits age 20 and she wants to have a different shape under her clothing, she can wear one then. She has autonomy and it’s not like there’s a critical period for bra acquisition ffs. But I know she doesn’t give two shits about it at this point. It’s adults who have the issue and they can fuck right off. She is a child.

No way I am subjecting her to mandatory physical and psychological discomfort for the sake of the comfort of men or uptight women. I’ll stick by her and they can catch these hands instead, howbowdat.

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