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Language Log

Monday, Aug. 02, 2021 - 9:55 p.m.

We got home this evening. The monsoon has been very wet and there are weeds everywhere. The chiltepin is nice and big too.

Spoke with mom this morning. She was in a fine mood but later they did tests and found stuff and now she’s hooked up on meds.

Got my cricut machine after I got home. Set it up. Have no idea how to use it. There is no manual. I looked through the projects in the app and am unreasonably angry at the whole thing. Just really really angry about it. $400 and no goddamn manual. I don’t want to cut mandalas out of holographic sticky-back fun fur, I just want to make a whole bunch of tiny leaf shapes out of cardstock. Fuck. Fuck cricut and their insipid projects. Fuck.

Happy to be home.

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