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Thursday, Aug. 05, 2021 - 8:28 a.m.

Mom improves, then something else happens. I guess this is how it goes. I suppose I have a lot of feelings about this but the number one is being glad she’s up there with my cousins because I don’t have it in my capacity to be at the hospital several times a day talking with doctors and making sure she’s hydrated and eating and talking with social workers. I feel bad and slack and I know my cousin isn’t exactly thrilled about it falling to her. I don’t know what else to do though.

E went back to school today.

Q has a teacher who will be visiting our home every day to work with her/coordinate with us/whatever. Keep her enrolled at the school since distance learning is not possible this year. Every day. Did I say that? Every day. In my house.

I went and helped my friends by driving them around on several related necessary errands because their car is stuck in the mud somewhere the next county over. It was once again somewhat overwhelming and I fell asleep at 9pm and slept till 5am. I can’t with the people, even ones I like. The good news is I guess if I need them to beat anyone up for me, they will. Not a need I’ve ever had, though, and I plan not to. I definitely think of them as my “Be Gay, Do Crimes” friends now though.

What else. Yes, still have these jewelry orders lurking in the background.

And we have to bring the cat back from mom’s because she can’t be there alone just with cat sitters for so long and mom will be in no condition to keep caring for her when she gets back anyway. Don’t really want to have her back at our place but, it’s the one responsible thing I can do, so there we are.

It’s all a bit much, really. Not a fan.

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