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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 08, 2021 - 7:06 p.m.

It hurt more and more, till I decided to go to urgent care, but no X-ray tech, so I wasted time and then came home and took some painkillers and slept and this morning it was better. Not totally better, still swollen and a little sore, but much better.

Spoke to my mom. However her hip turns out, her cognitive function is declining steeply. She brings up “weird thoughts” than she can’t tell if they’re real or not, and when I ask her to describe them, she can’t even begin to. There are other sorts of more mundane confusions as well.

I’ll just be over here building a wall between me and my feelings on this matter.

Other than that I still feel like I’m just fucking up right and left, so that’s all normal I guess.

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