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Language Log

Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021 - 8:55 p.m.

I did get the two orders packed up today, but Lo and behold did not get them to a post office on time. Disappointed that I can’t get them shipped off finally. I have one more to do in order to be caught up and hopefully it won’t take long. It’s really hard for me to work on more than one order at a time.

I did get most of the plants planted. I have some sedums that I got thinking cyans of succulents might be interesting. I’m not sure, but I still need to plant them. And a chamomile. I’m all the time buying chamomile and then remembering that I’m in the wrong climate for it. Everywhere I’ve ever been has been the wrong climate for it. Maybe it’ll grow in a pot inside the casita? We’ll see. It has such lovely leaves.

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