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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021 - 6:03 p.m.

Holiday season business strategy: as soon as I finish the current orders (almost done with the last one) I start working on finishing lots of pieces I can list as ready to ship for my retailers, and some to sell just to people I know, which I haven’t been doing. Hopefully that’ll keep it going a bit through November and not have me backed up with orders.

Got a couple new design ideas I’m going to try out too.

If the ready to ship stuff is a success, I’ll keep doing that for my wholesale site. Might be lower stress on me and then I’ll have less to do for summer travel adjustments. I thought doing it all to order was best and it is in terms of not having to build inventory and anticipate what people are going to want, and not having to keep taking photos/do listings, yeah. But having them all ready in little groups does have its advantages. Namely, toss it in a box and mail it. Done.

And J and I were saying, if I have a lot of inventory maybe I can do a shows again. Two a year? That would be enough. I’d have a reason to make my epic cyanotype artsy show clothes and maybe some wacky new products to round out the display.

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