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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021 - 1:42 p.m.

Every time I fill a jewelry order, or exchange literally anything I’ve made for currency, I think to myself, what a racket I’ve got going here. I’m always vaguely worried someone’s going to catch on and send the cops after me.

A large box of boxes arrived and I see I forgot to order the ones with the built in packing tape. That was always the most satisfying part of it. Dammit. Stuck with these for the next year at least. Better buy tape. I wonder how much custom printed Kraft tape costs?

What’s been bothering me the last few days is that the jewelry I make is one thing but not the same as jewelry I like to wear. I’m not sure what kind of jewelry I would like to wear. I enjoyed my embroidered bracelets and still wear those sometimes. But that’s about it.

And it’s odd given that my clothing aesthetic has become more confident and pronounced lately. That whole issue of what jewelry signifies vs what clothing can signify is always interesting to me.

Anyway I’m thinking of doing some more playing around with it to see if I can hit the right note for me personally. I think I would learn something if I could figure that out.

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