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Language Log

Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021 - 9:31 a.m.

I figured out that after I apply resin to the jewelry blanks, if I come back at the exact right time in the curing process, I can get the next layer of paper to stick. Do it too early or too late and it won’t work. But if I catch it at the right time it eliminates two messy and time consuming steps and moves the whole process along by not giving me a chance to procrastinate on those steps.

Need to reach out to my retailers this week and let them know I have stuff. Then I suppose after that little burst, make it available to people on FB.

I feel the creeping dread of Christmas’ approach. It’s become a sort of terror.

Also been thinking about my next tattoo. I have unfortunately several that I specifically want the artist in NH to do. I need to pick one should we actually get there next summer. Anyway I really want a pelican eel and I keep being torn between Scary Pelican Eel and Pelican Eel with a hat, drinking tea with a nudibranch. And I feel I like should get both, one on each leg. “Inside you is two eels…”

I have in mind two candidates to do the scary eel, one close and the other being the guy in Memphis who did the Death Blowing Bubbles piece

I want something on my feet but not sure what.

St. Margaret of Antioch. I feel like saints is somewhat appropriative, but if it’s pre-Protestant what can you do? This is the one I most want NH guy to do. With the whimsical eel being the second one.

And I need my Luttrell Psalter sleeve to progress, wish I could find someone local to work on it.

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