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Language Log

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021 - 8:36 a.m.

No views of my items and now I’m getting that feeling that my efforts have been misplaced. Now, it would still only take one good sized order to totally wipe me out of inventory, so I need to keep making things. I need to decide how much I want to have in there and make sure I have it there before I go all mopey and grind to a halt. Plus it’s thanksgiving weekend. People are busy!

And! I can still offer them to people on FB and IG who have said they want them. If I hurry. I hereby designate the next batch for that.

Found out what happened to my friends who were supposed to be at thanksgiving, and it was, as I feared, a disaster. Not much I can do to help, either. Cue up Judas Priest: “breakin the law, breakin the law… “

Black Friday trying to seduce me into making extra purchases for myself of things I don’t need. 25% off nail polish! $20 bras! 30% off leggings! Not cool, capitalism. Not cool.

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