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Language Log

Thursday, Dec. 02, 2021 - 9:45 p.m.

Q’s drawings are so good. She’s done a dragon now, a demon girl, every day another person or two posed with sword or knife or staff or other weapon. Today there was a grey girl, hanging limply, red eyes, with some sort of grey something wrapped twice around her, holding her arms to her sides, and then stretching across the page and out of view. I asked if it had caught her or what was going on there exactly. “It came from her and it’s making her like that.”

She pays attention to the clothes, the hair, the shoes, tattoos or other markings. Patterns, colors. And I think there’s always some sort of a story or at least a seed, though she doesn’t always tell me.

It’s hard not to say, “oh you should sell these”. I asked if I could take pictures so I could show them on FB and it was a no. All of the validation I seek for my art, she doesn’t need (though she does show us). I won’t teach her to need it. I hope she’ll be better than me, in the end.

My new shiny leggings arrived, they’re awesome. Mermaid scales, in oil slick shades.

When I was a kid I’d blow bubbles and I had this whole story about how when they landed on the water, a mermaid would come underneath and grab them, that’s why they’d disappear (pop). Popping was a mermaid taking them. And of course there was often gasoline on the surface of the water there at the docks. Now I am one of those oil spill mermaids. Haha.

I did a lot of work cleaning up the yard in the back. Proud of myself. Lot more to do in the front but honestly now that everything is dead, it isn’t that hard.

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