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Language Log

Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021 - 11:32 p.m.

Been reading interviews with artists in Sculpture Magazine. I love their interviews, they’re often so inspiring to me. But everything those types of artists do is so inaccessible to me. Feels that way anyway. Big, ambitious, enmeshed in the art industry.
I don’t know how I can relate to it at all or aspire to even a smidgen.

But I like reading about it.

What else. Thoracic extension stretches really help my posture.

My tattoo appointment is next week!

Omicron, Omicron… don’t fuck me up. This sense I had that I could wait for them to solve shit and to get it under control is gone. Now I feel like I could die sitting at home waiting for that to happen. Wait for omicron to pass and there will be another one just in time to ruin my plans again. I’m beginning to feel selfish. I no longer feel personally in danger, and I have less sympathy than ever for most of the unvaxxed. I feel like this is bad of me.

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