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Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021 - 2:05 p.m.

Flexibility progress report.
I still can’t do that perfect deep squat where my back is straight and my hips are practically under my knees and my butt is like an inch off the floor. But I can get into a decent squat and sit there for a bit and am ok. A couple of the positions you’re supposed to get into from there, these movements that I couldn’t even figure out how to do without toppling over at first, now I can do them smoothly and without difficulty.

The arm stretch where the two hands grasp between your shoulder blades, which last year I couldn’t touch the fingers on either side, now my fingers can grasp each other.

The backbend is still not graceful and supple, but it doesn’t hurt me to do now.

The pigeon pose that injured my knees early on, I can do it now with less support necessary. Better on one side than the other, but still.

Less knee pain. Less middle back pain.

My posture is better, but not good enough that I feel totally rehabilitated. Is it possible to fix my curved spine? I don’t know, but I’ll keep trying. The more flexible it is, and my shoulders and chest, the better it’ll be even if I never look like a dancer.

My hamstrings and hip flexors are still a work in progress. But before this I didn’t even know they were an issue.

I still can’t do splits or keep my back straight when I touch my toes. But I can touch my toes. I still can’t do a pancake, but I can sit up straight and lean forward a bit with my back straight, rather than having to lean back and support myself with my hands to keep my back straight.

That one exercise that made my hip muscles cramp every time, it doesn’t now.

I was doing that one tricep lift with a 5 lb weight and now it’s a 10 lb weight. I was doing the donkey kicks with no weights a couple years ago and now I put 16# on each. Etc.

I don’t feel satisfied but I can’t say I haven’t achieved anything.

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