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Language Log

Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022 - 11:38 p.m.

So E started back to school Monday, and Tuesday morning we got an email saying one of his classmates had tested positive. So we went and picked him up. So far he’s shown no sign of being sick. I keep imagining I am though.

Today was Q’s birthday. We went to a restaurant but ate out on the patio and were the only ones there. I was cold. She seemed to like all her presents, which was good because we hadn’t been sure. It was a lot of books. I’m glad this has turned into a kid who is happy with a lot of books. Finally.

This weekend we’re going up to Sedona area. We’ll be staying away from people. Walking around in the woods maybe.

Tuesday was a very bad mental health day. Or was it Monday? Today was better though I did get overwhelmed in the evening and now have dipped back down a little.

My mother’s younger sister, who is 90, and whose conservative chiropractor son has had them all convinced for years that he’s an actual medical professional, and who therefore persuaded them all not to get vaccinated… she lives in assisted living in Florida and now has covid. “I would love your prayers for my mother” wrote one of my cousins. I’m exhausted and angry. I would like the chiropractor to be the one to take the fall for his hubris. Not my aunt. But that’s never what was going to happen.

What do we do about this world.

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