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Language Log

Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022 - 6:39 p.m.

Ok, one, I cut my finger really bad the other day. Did I say that? But I think the big chunk might be reattaching. At any rate it’s looking ok.

We’re up by Sedona for Q’s birthday trip. The house is nice. Heated pool which was definitely worth the money. The hike yesterday was a bit of a dud but more fun today. Sedona is still cringe with woo.

I managed to do one cyanotype before the sun got too low and the kids became trouble. I wanted to try two to see if my system works. The trick is in a) not exposing the papers too much when taking them in and out of my case and b) not exposing them too much before I get the plants arranged. But the print I did turned out nice so here’s hoping.

I once again am reminded that my ideal schema would be to travel from one end of the state to another twice a year or so doing cyanotypes in each ecological zone. Post pics of it all making it look like I have my shit together. Raise my prices accordingly. Somehow I’m never in the mood to actually do it. I need to remember how nice it is when I do.

I also managed to take a few pinhole photos. I won’t know how they turned out until I get home and develop them, which I can’t do until the new developer fluid I ordered gets here. Turns out developer expires. In well less than a year if it isn’t refrigerated. I’m thinking about doing more pinhole though. Thinking about doing a series that’s just men with their boners out while sitting in cars. I think it would be kind of amazing in creepy black and white.

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