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Language Log

Friday, Apr. 22, 2022 - 7:43 a.m.

Fully creepy nightmare last night.
Me and two other friends (guys, but not anyone I actually know) were going to see our friend (also not a real person). She was in an old 70s model broken down car parked out in the woods somewhere. They got in the back and I got in the front. She was in the drivers seat. She was super bubbly and happy to see us. Very excited. Talking, hanging out. Then it slowly somehow dawned on me (in the way that you realize backstories in dreams, without proper exposition) that she had OD’d a while back and they had found her months later here in this car. The body had been removed, but here she was and what exactly the fuck was I doing there keeping her company?

I got visuals of the mostly skeletal remains sitting in the seat right next to me for so long.

I became alarmed and suddenly the situation felt very dangerous despite her chipper demeanor. I said I was leaving and would be back in a little bit, and got out and started walking. I didn’t say anything to my friends because I didn’t want to tip her off. But she knew and started screaming at me in a terrifying malevolent ghost kinda way. She seemed not to be able to leave the car, which I guess was why she was so lonely. The other two stayed behind.

I was walking quickly away along a long canal, terrified and thinking about the situation, when I woke. Took me a bit to reorient myself to reality.

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