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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 03, 2022 - 5:26 a.m.

Today is the day. I woke too early and am definitely going to regret it later. 5am, thanks a lot, sun.

I meant to do all my leg stretches yesterday and again this morning but I only got halfway through yesterday. I also didn’t finish mending my pants like I need to before I go. Can probably do that this morning.

I’m anxious about transportation, the bus, finding where I’m going, walking around town aimlessly with my suitcase while I wait on the Airbnb to let me check in. Despite that it is good for me to travel by myself sometimes. It’s a muscle I need to exercise. And not somewhere I already know well. Going to Florida isn’t really the same thing. It’s literally navigating new situations and places that I need to practice. Cardiff isn’t totally new now, but still very.

The weather most of the time there is supposed to be pretty nice. Mid 60s, mostly not rainy. I’ve checked every day for like a week now though and it changes every day.

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