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Tuesday, May. 24, 2022 - 6:48 a.m.

I got more paper, a couple more miscellaneous supplies. The one of the train turned out good, I took a risk putting some blue just in the sky and it paid off. Took it and the Ferris wheel to my tattoo guy. I’m glad they’ll be there. Up somewhere for people to enjoy.

I should have scanned them in case I want to use the images in the future, but I didn’t. I guess I can make others.

I can’t help but have visions of selling them. Me, at an art show, bins of original prints in clear plastic bags. Me on Instagram, acting like a potter, teasing with my current work as I make it and then releasing a batch of one of a kind prints all at once.

It would get old. Burdensome. Not sure what else to do with them, though.

Anyway, I have this plan to take photos all along the road trip. While I’m there. Develop them in Memphis. See, I can’t do the printmaking there though and this trip is what threw me out of my groove last time. I’m scared that’ll happen again. But I can’t do the prints there. There’s no printer to print the negatives on and even if I used the garage for the printing, no water source. I need water, darkness. Well, bathtub maybe. Still. Need a way to scan and print the negatives.

Anyway also that I should once a week go on some sort of specific pinhole photography outing to try to get images. And develop once I have at least a dozen. So I’m not wasting chemicals.

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