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Language Log

Thursday, May. 26, 2022 - 3:32 p.m.

One more okayish print printed. Now I’m out of images I think would make good prints.

Went to the follow up with the cardiologist today, he said everything was basically fine although I do have extra beats happening in upper and lower chambers, the structures look healthy and well formed. One more thing to check and go back in 6 months.

The appointment was at like 9am but I still haven’t deescalated from the anxiety.

Decided on my next tattoo, I think. It feels too soon and yet just right. Too soon mainly because I don’t have any money saved for it yet and I’ll have to get it together quick because it’s the guy in Memphis and I need go ahead and book it if I want it while I’m there.

Mom finally saw my chest piece. “Isn’t that darling.” She said in her most sarcastic voice. Which is funny because I’ve spent my whole life trying to convey to her that “darling” is not as aesthetic I aspire to in any way, shape, or fashion.

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