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Language Log

Monday, Jun. 06, 2022 - 10:36 p.m.

Did a file today that was an interview with the singer of one of my favorite thrash metal bands from when I was in high school. Logo on my jeans in sharpie level favorite. Saw them twice I think in the late 80s in Orlando. Apparently they’ve been active this whole time, and they actually got a lot more famous after I stopped being able to pay attention to music, and are now considered one of the 4 great bands of Teutonic thrash metal. Listened to some of their stuff and listened to him talk today and I realized this music was really foundational for me. The root perhaps, or one of them, of my satanic values and very anti-fash. Glad I didn’t look back now only to discover they’re garbage people.

Body is sore from all that catching up on stretching and exercising. Skipped stretching today as a result but did keep on with the resistance stuff. My weight loss slowed but is still progressing, I’m pleased to report. Only have this week to knock it down to where I want it before we go to the land of forced feedings and stress eating.

I ended up ordering the shirt, but now am concerned it’ll be delivered the day after we leave. Hate it when you get the shipping notice then it spends 3 days in “label created, package not yet at facility” purgatory.

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