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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 09, 2022 - 1:14 p.m.

I got orders for the remainder of my jewelry stock, which of course I forgot to bring with me. Embarrassed emails were sent explaining. One person was very gracious, the other I haven’t heard back from. It’ll probably be okay.

I do feel like I’ll be able to start up again when I get home. Restock for fall and winter. I hope so.

Went to the agricenter farmers market and then the park there. I didn’t find anything to cyanotype today but I did take a couple pinhole photos. Maybe I’ll have enough to develop while we’re here or maybe I’ll just save them all and develop when we get home.

The angle of the ferris wheel in the original is part of what made it a great photo and that was altered on my arm to an extent that I wasn’t fully aware of until it was done. It’s fine, just a different thing.

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