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Language Log

Tuesday, Aug. 02, 2022 - 3:59 p.m.

Today I picked up all the Christmas crap that was still laying around upstairs, organized it to some extent, or at least shoved it back into the Christmas boxes, took all the trash and recycling down from the upstairs (2 bags of trash plus a couple trips worth of recycling), gathered up the 3-4 years worth of activity subscription boxes that have been slowly overtaking the house (about 50 of them in all), am giving them away to people from the homeschool group, broke down the boxes, dusted the bar upstairs (which involved moving many bottles).

Drove Q to school. Later, instructed her on how to wash the bannister to the upstairs.

Also halfway through a transcription.

Would like to make strawberry balsamic margaritas but not sure I have enough limes.

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