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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022 - 6:04 a.m.

My friend in jail called me yesterday evening. Asked me to log in to his CashApp and transfer the money to myself and then put it on his account there. This will help him make phone calls and so on. But the password he gave me for his gmail didn’t work and that was kind of the most basic thing. So.

And I agreed to drive out to his place again and get some of his stuff and leave more food out for the cat. I guess he’s planning to be back soon, maybe under house arrest. So I agreed to it. Heavy sigh. I’m glad he’s not just gone forever but I wish everything wasn’t such a pain in the ass with him either.

Bought a bunch of herbs so I can make more herb cyanotypes. I’d had to put up a notice up about being out of the garden ones. Not a good look. But now I have yarrow, artemisia, lavender, thyme, mint, basil. Scented geranium. And a little time to take cyans before they inevitably die.

Still working on that order. No more have ordered, and I feel like they must all hate me, but probably I just need to advertise again.

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