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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022 - 6:23 p.m.

Last night was miserable. Headache, like face ache, fever. Wanted to sleep but couldn’t. Sweating. So much sweat. Finally when I woke this morning I took an ibuprofen and it helped immensely. I’ve felt not too bad all day since although I’m sure it’s worn off.

I ended up doing a lot of yard work. I did a transcription about a focus group on patio fire pits and everyone was talking about their nice patios and I got envious. So I started working on it today. I don’t need a fire pit but a table not crusted in bird poop would be cool.

One thing about all these patio design photos, everyone always has all these nice cushions and textiles and I’m just like… these will be covered in dust and black widows in a week. I literally have no idea how to store and maintain patio furniture somewhere like here. Do they wash it every week? Is this part of what’s in the adulting handbook? Or is it a challenge, like sorry lady, figure it out or you don’t deserve nice things.

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