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Sunday, Oct. 09, 2022 - 6:03 p.m.

I turned over the beds where I hope to plant some peas, and then remembered that cats will almost certain poop in them. I had found and anti-cat-poop device on Amazon, but it’s made of plastic which means it will disintegrate and fill my garden with microplastics. So I don’t know. Maybe they will have forgotten about me, or maybe I need to get some chicken wire to enclose the areas. I have another week or two before the temperature is in the target zone, so we’ll see. Two are dwarf varieties and can be planted in pots, but I’ll need more pots and soil. I can spend $50 to grow $5 worth of peas.

I also moved the compost. The plastic bin was starting to disintegrate and so I put the compost in the beds for the cats to poop in, and set up a new compost area just off the path to the casita, just down and across from the ants. I dumped out the trash can of compost that had been sitting there for 2 years inactive because I kept it covered and never watered it or turned it. But the compost doesn’t really have sides or anything to prevent it from blowing all across the yard. I may have to give in and buy chicken wire. Or keep it covered with an old sheet just to keep it from blowing away? Is that reasonable?

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