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Language Log

Sunday, Nov. 06, 2022 - 7:16 a.m.

I finally tracked down my tattoo guy, whose IG account had been hijacked by some loser, and for me an appointment for TODAY, this evening, for the long-awaited next part of my Luttrell Psalter sleeve. Including the text, which I am excited about. But also I spent all day yesterday trying to do a calligraphy version of it that I was truly happy with and although I have one that’s SO CLOSE, I’m not quite there yet and I don’t know if I can be. Blackletter is so unforgiving.

Then I sent it to him and he didn’t respond and I’m worried he did the tattoo artist “oh god, well, if that’s what she really wants” cringe. Which I understand feeling that way about the content but I really need the lettering itself to be on point.

Also I haven’t seen any text he’s done. Can he even do this? I trust him but there is a big question mark there. For that matter he doesn’t work in color much but I’m assuming that’s a matter of him specializing based on what he’s known for, rather than not knowing how. ASSUMING. It’ll be ok, he’s good.

Still stoked about it. Going to go do a few more drafts of it this morning I guess and try to perfect it. I can’t even identify what I’m doing wrong, is the damn thing. I just look at mine and I look at the manuscript and there’s a difference. Aargh.

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