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Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022 - 12:56 p.m.

I had to add another patch to my patchy jeans and my jean shorts are finally going too so I get to make them awesome, except I wish I had more embroidered patches from when I was embroidering. Actually the threads in embroidery go too if it’s a high wear area and then you have to patch over the patch, but my linocut ones are holding up well and I was thinking I need to do some more linocut patches, but small ones. I see them for sale sometimes where like tattoo artists who have swag printed they’ll have a patch but it’s one of those giant patches that goes on a jacket and no I don’t really want to look like I did in 1988. I just want a little patch for my back pocket or whatever. So maybe I’ll make them but again, it kills me that literally everyone doesn’t have the same need for linocut patches that I do. Particularly the people who do stickers. I need printed patches way more than I do stickers.

Anyway we’re suffering from “racing thoughts” today in case you were wondering.

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