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Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022 - 9:31 p.m.

Smorgasgourd day 2 went well. I mean, I still worked all day cooking and ended up casually throwing a turkey in without regard to when it would be done or anything else and it was as good as any turkey we’ve made, really. Lots of drippings, which was its whole point. Anyway it all got made and I even had time to set the table and vacuum so yes, manageable.

Mom came over and it went totally fine for once, no bumps or complaints. If it was like this every time I wouldn’t mind having her over more often. She’ll be back tomorrow so here’s hoping that goes as smoothly as today.

Tomorrow, I only have to make popovers and pear pie. J is doing something with the green beans, and he made his stuffing today. Easy-peasy. And we have leftovers to bring out if anyone wants them, of course.

This is the week of the holiday promotion for quick shipping I’ve been getting things ready for and it looks like no one is going to order anything or I think they would have. I didn’t email my customers, is part of it. I thought about it and pulled up last year’s email about it and decided: nope. Don’t want to. Whatever. Marketing is for the weak. Haha.

Oh, got the tattoo yesterday. Did I say that? It looks fantastic. Undersides of upper arm are certainly spicy though, yessiree.

Me: owww do not like
Also me: I should get gargoyles tattooed in my armpits!!!

I’m an idiot, basically

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