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Language Log

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022 - 7:47 a.m.

2/3 kids are very sick and it’s causing us some alarm. Especially since their doctor stopped practicing and now we have to find them a new one, asap. No good.

Carved a little block of tennis shoes dangling from a power line. I had envisioned a blended roll that would capture the look of the twilight sky I photographed it in front of, but I probably won’t. I’ll probably just make patches.

I dug out a few more blocks to print from soon. I need to try oil based white on black, I’m curious how that will turn out.

Copied some of the images from the Luttrell Psalter in pencil, trying to figure out how to best render them in black and white. I wish I could toggle the part of the brain that understands how to render shading in lines, but I haven’t managed to yet. Yes the manuscript images are just lines. But I’d like to install a competence in producing my own in block form, maximized for that medium.

I get that far and I go, “Why?”

Still contemplating this issue of how to get my work in front of an audience without participating in commerce. Exchanges and trades are great but there’s not as large a network as I’d like to see. No Factsheet Five weirdo network. Gifting is a joy, and I have you few who will allow me to send you things, but of course gifting is not a general strategy. People who don’t know me would be hesitant to accept gifts, because of the incurred obligation.

I suppose what I would like would be very much like a storefront website, except at checkout the person would enter the amount they will pay. They’ll be informed of shipping costs but they pay what they want/can. And it can be 0. And I would list anything there I want to share, whatever trash is spilling out of me at the time. A sort of online honors system farmstand payment box. And then I’d come crying here because I still wouldn’t be getting very many sales and I’d still have to self-promote. Haha.

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