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Language Log

Sunday, Dec. 04, 2022 - 7:49 a.m.

Yesterday evening I dove unapologetically into doing whatever I felt like doing for a little while and I went page by page through another manuscript in the British library, this one from around the turn of the 11th-12th century. There are these caps they used that I have seen calligraphers use and I didn’t like feeling like I was copying when using another calligrapher as a model but now I’ve found their model (or one such) and I feel better about the whole thing. I took an absurd number of screenshots. One of the things I like best in looking at manuscripts is how they start out relatively predictable and over the course of the thing they just get better and more daring.

Anyway I was sketching some of the letters and I’m going to make some blocks. One will say “solidarity”, I’ve already got it laid out. Haven’t thought of others yet. I’ll probably go non-political with the others. And there are these silly birds in one panel that I want to do.

This manuscript, I’ve never seen so many angels doing finger guns.

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