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Language Log

Friday, Dec. 09, 2022 - 11:20 p.m.

Somehow this cold or whatever the fuck it is got even worse today. Fever.

Cards not dry yet. I think the patches finally are, at least. Tomorrow I’ll print more and someday they’ll dry and I’ll mail them.

Oh gosh I took that unexceptional white sweater my mom gave me for my birthday and started sewing sequins to it. Before I started, I wasn’t sure whether I’d love it or hate it, but I’m leaning toward love. They’re chaos on it, I’m doing such a mix. Makes it distinct from manufactured clothing with sequins. I may end up ordering more sequins. And then sewing them on things. We’ll see. I mean, those pendants I made a couple years ago, I never wear them. They delighted me at the time but not since. Sequins are a challenging material. Anything garish is like that. Part of me (the autistic 12 year old part of me, to be specific) is drawn to glitter, metallic pens, holographic anything, sequins, little crystal animals, rhinestones. And I haven’t figured out a thing more glorious to do with them than the cheap crap that’s already done. You can’t make it more, there is no more.

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