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Language Log

Monday, Jan. 30, 2023 - 8:36 a.m.

Finally, 4 days after eating the pizza, my toe issue has finally subsided. If it is the sodium, I’m interested in why now? But I suppose it’s for the best as now is when I need to start paying attention and my body has given me a direct thing to pay attention to because do you think I would if it was an abstract “you need to watch your sodium”? Absolutely not. But having my toes painfully tender, making every toe stub feel excruciating? (I stub my toes a lot.) Yes, that shit will have me reducing intake of processed foods and eating less at restaurants. Certain times of the year, I might starve. Idk. Anyway. Couple more weeks of this paying attention and I’ll have a better sense of it.

Did a few more photos while my developer was still good. Several turned out very good. My new cameras are relatively sharp focus. I’ve learned that the storage shed where we keep the xmas stuff gets not terrible light and is pretty private. I may take it over for photo work if I can clear out somewhere else to put the bins.

The other side of the casita is actually pretty good too. My new cameras can handle the late afternoon light. I can’t be too weird out there but I can be somewhat weird. Neighbors may notice me being weird, but whatever.

My calves survived the extra 5 minutes of jumping, so today I’m going to go for 30 minutes. Biggest obstacle now is me getting bored.

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