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Language Log

Sunday, Feb. 05, 2023 - 4:24 p.m.

One of the things I sort of made up my mind to do from that point on was whatever cockamamie idea I have, I try it. Instead of talking myself out of it or merely visualizing it vividly. Anyway, I did a cyanotype of a manuscript beast and wheatpasted it on to a column in the alley carport. I don’t know how well the cyan will hold up or how long it’ll last in general. I love how it looks though. I kind of want to go do some unauthorized street art with them.

If the cyan doesn’t hold up I can also just do a block print of it. Part of me wants to bedazzle our entire property that way, like some nutter outsider artist but with medieval block prints instead of admonishments to read the Bible. And part of me knows that if I do that, I can’t then do the less legal type too.

Finally went and took a pinhole photo of the one roadside memorial close to here. Now that I’m posting things like that daily, likes have gone down and I’m pretty sure it’s that people aren’t seeing the posts rather than that they don’t like them. I get so much pleasure from taking the photos and making the prints, I need another way to share them that doesn’t simply register as failure to obtain dopamine. I need to find a way to share that produces enjoyment the same way the rest of the process does, without relying on algorithms or other peoples engagement.

I’ll work on that.

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