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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 01, 2023 - 8:58 a.m.

I took some ones I liked yesterday. The one just moving my mouth, I’m not sure how it came across as far as expression, I think it’s a little ambiguous. That one is the new FB profile pic. This morning before the developer expired I did a couple where I was moving my head and the results were as intended. The faceless head-shaped blur in an otherwise focused room, on focused shoulders.

I’m trying not to remind myself that probably 75% of people going through a pinhole camera experimentation phase has probably done this exact thing and that I’m not clever or special. Wanting to feel clever or special and repeatedly being reminded (or reminding myself) I’m not is one of my biggest obstacles when I explore a new medium. The point should be my explorations, not how clever I am, whether it’s a path others have taken or not. It doesn’t matter. Most of all, none of this matters. Getting likes on social media doesn’t. Being unique doesn’t, except insofar as that’s a natural result when it’s interesting and says what I want it to say. People liking it, I do like that but that’s not the point. What I will do with it all, also not the point.

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