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Language Log

Saturday, Mar. 11, 2023 - 6:52 p.m.

Woke at 5am with the churning idea furnace that is my brain urging me to make a pop-up pinhole camera that can fold flat and with little extra work be made into a useable camera. I made 1.5 prototypes before 10am and then got derailed.

Got my cyanotype solution mixed up to coat some more paper since I’m nearly out of everything I use for my jewelry, and also ended up coating this shirt I bought at Marshall’s a few years ago and have never worn. Trying to decide what to put on it now. Botanicals or photography? And will I keep it or will I try to sell it to buy more stuff or what? Should I do more?

Anyway I need to make soup soon but tried to take a nap but got woke up and now am in “lay in bed and vibrate helplessly while a stream of ideas drowns you” mode

Oh I realized the light I ordered can also be for product photography so that’s a legit business expense

My (new) tattoo guy canceled and was so apologetic he even offered me a good discount next time or even a free small tattoo, like a 1x1” one and I’m trying to think of where and what I would want that small and I just don’t know.

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