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Language Log

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007 - 9:18 a.m.

My first meeting with my discussion section this afternoon. God help me, I'm looking forward to it. I think all the lazy stupid kids probably dropped after the first lecture (unlike the previous prof I worked with, this one pulls no punches and makes no uncharitable assumptions about our students' intellectual capacities). I'm back in familiar territory, my skin thickened quite a bit from last semester. At least I got the concept of warm-up, lesson, end with game to work with now. There will be lots of fabulous prizes handed out this semester, too. Who will be the lucky one to receive that ugly potholder that someone gave me for my bridal shower and which has been languishing in a box in the basement for going on three years now? I can hardly wait to see.

I hope I like them. But anyway, as I said, it can't be worse than last semester.

I have officially registered my domain name for the website. Now alls I got to do is find an affordable way to get the website itself. I just don't want it to be cheezy looking. Cheezy website = bad for marketing, at least if you're an artist.

A miscalculation in my production procedures: if I add only one coat of varnish a day, it will take 15-16 days for any given batch of jewelry to be ready. But if I'm making a new batch almost daily, too, I end up with nowhere to put things to get them in process. Currently I have two cookie sheets and a serving tray of stuff underway, and about 6 sets of earrings left over that I have no room for. Time to buy more cookie sheets, clearly.

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