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Language Log

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 - 11:27 a.m.

Another post about my mother. Sorry, diaryland is the only therapy I get.

Took her to the doctor today. As we were waiting at the lab for her bloodwork she saw some pictures on the wall and started telling me about this woman in her apartment building who draws beautiful pen and ink pictures of flowers. She met her randomly one day and said something to her like, “It’s so hard to find things to do living in this building”, and the artist was like “no, absolutely not” and showed her her drawings and yes. Gave a couple to my mom even, which was very nice and exactly what I hope to do with myself one day.

Anyway then mom said, “If she’s that good I just don’t know why she doesn’t do it professionally!” And there we have it, folks. The articulation of the outlook that has cursed me all of my days, straight from the one who installed it in me. I didn’t answer her because she’ll never get it. I get it and can’t even fully live it. But yes, she wouldn’t have those beautiful drawings if the woman were doing it “professionally”.

Anyway, if anyone would like a nice colorful textile-wrapped paintbrush Xmas tree ornament or pendant, hit me up. Some of you will get one even if you don’t hit me up. You know who you are. Make sure I have your current address.

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