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Language Log

Monday, Feb. 26, 2007 - 10:37 p.m.

The trip was fine. Way too much talk of Hegel, but other than that, fine. I did have to talk about my research to several people as if I were actually planning on doing it. That felt a little dishonest, but still you never know, I might get the bug one of these days and write me up a research report.

For dinner tonight I am having: 1) salsa; 2) chips; 3) a brownie. I'm in the brownie phase already.

I got a good lead on a place to sell things in Memphis. J's mom is going there on Thursday to talk to the woman. If J's mom is in charge of this, I'd be surprised if the person says no. I don't think anyone can say no to my mother in law. She's too nice.

In case I forget, the pendant I assembled this evening is titled, " An Underwater Incident". I've found that I really enjoy giving things titles. It's silly, but crucial, and I get going with lofty-sounding things sometimes. I want to follow every title with a number, for example, even if it's the first and probably only instance of its type. I usually try to suppress the really over-the-top ones, but some get through. But I think people basically like a pendant with an evocative title.

I have two pairs of earrings that I'll be finishing up tomorrow or the next day that are especially for linguists. I have a series of linguist in-jokes that go with them, and I can hardly wait to write the description. I'm trying to figure out how I can work in the phrase, "Linguists, REPRESENT!!" into it.

That may not be the sort of thing that needs to be worked in with much subtlety, though. But it'll be VERY FUNNY in the context of the description and the earrings. We can formalize it thusly:

phrase--> [+ funny]/ description __ earrings

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