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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008 - 7:53 a.m.

I think I may have felt a little nauseous yesterday evening. Maybe I was just hungry. We'll see if it happens again today. Only slightly nauseous would be the best of both worlds; evidence that the hormones are indeed flowing as they ought, yet not particularly unpleasant.

Got in touch with one of my sisters about all dad's photos-- I have so many just of those three and their mother, I have very little interest in keeping them for myself. She was delighted and said yes, please send them. So today I need to begin excavating and organizing. My plan is to first send all the ones of them and their mother; then of the stuff I want too, divide up the multiple copies and send them the duplicates. Finally, for ones that have no duplicates, either have prints made if they're important (old family photos) or put them on a CD if they're of whatever. There are a large number that probably aren't worth putting on a CD for them, but that I still want for potential art applications. Those will be last and I'll discuss at that time. Not a bad plan, and should reduce the volume in here a good bit. It'll be an important step in cleaning out the study, which needs to turn into more of a workspace for me over the coming months, since the Scriptorium will become a Larvatorium.

My friend said, "you must be thinking about it [the pregnancy] all the time". I said "No", but I may have been lying. I will only admit it here. It's annoying since there isn't really that much to be done about it at this point; it's a waste of a lot of good thinking time.

I also need to get back to work today, on the jewelry-making. I tried to make a version of the Stomachion puzzle (a new fancy of mine being that I could add geometric mathematical puzzles to my product line), but discovered halfway through that the pieces I had already made refused to lay flush against each other. Why should this be? I plotted out the design first, all in a neat square, and cut them out with scissors, how can they not lay flush? Puzzling indeed.

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