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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 24, 2009 - 8:19 a.m.

Ok, I did it, I've started adding new (non-linguistically focused) things to the storefront widget on my blog. Well, I added one thing. I wish my jewelry blog was in wordpress-- they have a very good app for selling art. This Paypal storefront thing is sort of for the birds. I can't even add one whole item without it crashing my browser. But, whatever. It'll go slowly, but it'll go.

That's my plan for the next week or so-- get my various online venues back up to date, get new work into neglected consignment shops (shouldn't take long-- I only have one more that needs refreshing, and I'm going there this morning), and make new stuff for my next show.

I should also finish mowing the lawn at some point.

Hah hah-- going to the store this morning with fresh items-- all my best items are on my displays, it's very time consuming to remove everything. Why remove 40+ pendants from my display when she's going to pick out, like, 5? And then I have to put them all on again. So I'm taking one big box with a bunch of the displays. It'll be awkward, but easier for me. At first I wondered what she would think, but as I thought more and more about it, the less I cared.

These store owners-- I had one tell me that I should just store all of my pendants on cards, because then they'd be ready to go when she's picking them out. I explained that not all stores, and more importantly, me in my show booth, don't display them on cards, so I'd just end up taking them on and off of the cards all the time. Not to mention, I'd have to have cords already made for all of them. Easier to just put the ones she picks on cards and get them to her later, even if it means I have to mail them and she doesn't have them right away. She then just sort of repeated her advice that I just put everything on cards. Um, no. Not gonna.

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