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Language Log

Monday, Dec. 21, 2009 - 8:25 a.m.

And last night I dreamed that I was at some sort of small gathering-- prepping for a craft show? I'm not sure. But Santana was there. I didn't know it until they had already played. No one really showed because it had been underpublicized, but then we all rode on the bus with them to the airport. First it was a small, crummy bus with no seats, then we stopped for gas and got onto a large lux tour bus. And people on the way to the airport were happy to see them.

I don't especially like Santana, nor have I to my knowledge heard anything about them recently. I have no idea why this came up. It was funny, but I'd rather fly again. Even though the second bus was really nice.

Had the marshmallows in hot cocoa last night-- they do work very well in that context.

My worktable made it to the new studio! There's no stopping me now. Noon update: Doc says I am 1cm dilated, and the baby seems to be head-down. Head-down is good news (the alternative, that she has a remarkably hard butt, is disturbing for a number of reasons, and we will not consider it further here). The 1cm can last for who knows how long, but it does represent progress, so I'm going to have a cookie or two to celebrate.

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