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Language Log

Saturday, May. 14, 2011 - 12:00 p.m.

Had a terrible dream last night (this morning, really) that we were in a house somewhere-- it may have been a motel-- and were hit by a tornado. We watched it come, and had nowhere to go other than laying down on the floor. Q was blown away and we never found her. The grief I felt was beyond horrible. I even knew it was a dream, and it still was horrible. I can do without dreams like that. The sort of dream that stays with you the next day, its very shadow makes you miserable.

Got a wholesale order today, out of nowhere. I guess now's a better time for such a thing than during the semester, or in a few weeks when we start traveling, but. Eh. I have to make a few pieces to fill the order, and my heart's not in it. I do it, maybe I'll feel differently once I get going. Yes, I'm sure I will; then I'll be all enthusiastic about making jewelry again only to have my enthusiasm frustrated by reality once more. What's worse, wanting to and not having the time, or not even wanting to?

The latter, I think.

Farmer's market day. I bought a large cauliflower and some strawberries.

This week, I learned that I can no longer go shopping by myself (with Q) anywhere that does not have shopping carts available to put her in. Even with a cart, if any browsing is called for, it's a dangerous situation.

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