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Language Log

Tuesday, Jul. 19, 2011 - 6:37 a.m.

Packers came yesterday. Only two of them, so they worked all day and until about 10:30pm. I know it's their job, but I felt kind of bad. Long day. Still have to do the basement and j's office.

The truck comes this morning. Cleaners this afternoon.

Still have half a pile of mulch to spread.

Just sitting out on the deck enjoying this last morning in my house with a cup of tea (thank goodness I remembered to not pack my tea kettle and infused. And tea.) I feel kind of sad.

Tonight we stay in a hotel. Carpet cleaners tomorrow morning, then we hit the road.

Get to see my Swahili pal this evening. Did I mention she got an Obama kanga for me? Did I mention how excited I am about that? Obama kanga! Kind of wish I had the GW Bush one, too, just for the sake of completion. I would wear them both at the same time and be confusing.

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