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Language Log

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 - 6:46 a.m.

Woke up early. Wanted to go out and exercise on the elliptical, but to do so I have to turn off the alarm, which is right outside Q's room. I did so, but now I'm digesting my yogurt and she'll probably be woken up by the cats, who are wandering around the hallway meowdling. I am so over these cats.

Had to purchase yogurt because we didn't save enough from my last batch to make a new batch. Lowfat milk makes thin yogurt. The boughten stuff tastes so good to me right now. Yogurt + frozen strawberries + a spoonful of homemade marmalade= good stuff.

Last pregnancy I didn't have cravings to speak of. This time, I have to admit, all I've really want to eat for the past several days has been meat, bread, and cheese. I can't get the least bit excited about any fruit, vegetable or grain. I bought this nice kale, too, and now I can't get myself interested in eating it. Hope this doesn't last, it's not a beneficial pattern to fall into.

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