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Thursday, Mar. 08, 2012 - 6:41 a.m.

All the citrus trees, including those in my yard, are fixin to bloom any day now. When that happens I shall swoon and remain in an orange blossom coma for, I dunno. How long do they stay in bloom? Even in FL I never had so many so close to me. In Gainesville I would ride past a University orchard on my way to work, and that made me happy, but in my own yard? This is exciting.

Also excited by the sheer number of blossoms. Wonder how that translates to fruit later on. Can I hope for a bumper crop next year? I picked the 4 remaining blood oranges and the last grapefruit. Ready for the next crop now. This house is too small, but it will be hard to persuade me to move because of the citrus trees alone. I don't think I could keep them alive if I had to plant new ones. I am an enthusiastic but lazy gardener, as you all know.

Spring Break now. Am ready for us to have another round of unpacking and organizing and hanging pictures and so on. The house will seem less small once we manage to put everything away. Or most things. We get to take down Q's crib. Was going to put her play table where it was, but she never really uses it. I think I'm going to put it under the breakfast bar in the kitchen and see how it fares as a little kitchen workspace for her.

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