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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 03, 2012 - 6:27 a.m.

Yesterday went and looked at petroglyphs. The docent was going on confidently about what each of them was and meant and so on. I'd love to know how they figure all that out, it seems tentative to me. I'm sure it's all been well-hashed-out, debated, and resolved somewhere, but still.

Other than that, few complaints about the fam. Just one (which I will go on about at length)-- mil has a habit of offering Q sweet treats daily, at snack times when I would offer something healthy. It's like the moment I step out of the room, she's pushing cookies or cake at her. Daily. Sometimes she asks me, but not always. Then there's a time of evening when everyone else has dessert, and of course Q gets some then, too. Thankfully, Q doesn't seem to eat much of it usually, but still. Sweets are a sometimes food. Not a 2-3 times a day food. Like I said before, if she didn't do it every fucking day for the entire 2-3 week time we visit with them, I'd bitch about it less. But she does. And we have another 3 week visit coming up. I feel like the food nazi, when really I think my rules are pretty chill.

Also she still has a go at shoving food in Q's mouth when the child has stopped eating. If she seems distracted and no longer interested in eating, it's because she isn't hungry anymore. She'll eat again when she is. Stop teaching her to override her natural sense of appetite.

Yeah, between the food issues and the No TV and the No Pink and the No Princesses (this one hasn't come up lately), if I have to repeat my preferences daily, I do feel like the meanie in the scenario. I also can't help but feel she's being intentionally uncooperative, because she is not a stupid person. She is a very, very smart person with a fabulous memory. And yet after 1 1/2 years of being told not to spoon feed Q, she still tries it sometimes. I have to resist saying it again veeerrrryy slllooowwwlllyyy, as if to an imbecile. Which I can't do, it would be rude.

I feel like I'm being too possessive of Q. Would you tell me if I am?

But I said I had a good day, right? I did. At this point in a visit, even a good day grates on my nerves.

This part of the country is gorgeous. Photos do not do it justice.

This evening, Flagstaff and Gillian Welch.

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