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Language Log

Monday, Dec. 31, 2012 - 6:27 a.m.

Another successful drawing session. She scribbled a lot more, and then went on to a second page. Mostly just exploring the materials. I'm wondering what will happen when she is over the novelty of the pencil. Will she try drawing? Or will she decline to participate?

The book on introversion is good. Makes me think about all the ways people tried to make me act like an extrovert over the years. How nice it would have been if they hadn't. If there wasn't a constant sense that I should be trying harder to enjoy groups, talking, etc. or that I should apologize for being me. Even religion...there's on chapter on the difficulties of introverts in the evangelical movement. Now, while I was never in danger of becoming an evangelical, I wonder is my feelings about church would be different if it hadn't been so group-oriented. If there was a part of it that emphasized solitude etc.

My Monday the book laying there and looked at it a bit and asked me, "you don't consider yourself an introvert, do you?". I about fell out. I was like, uh, yeah, that's what explains me wanting to be alone all the time and never wanting to talk to people. Then she asked if the book was recommending that introverts try to change that about themselves. I said no, far from it, ad have some examples from the book. I think that conversation illustrates perfectly one of the points the author is making-- how our society the last century has gone on the assumption that introversion is a problem that needs fixed. It's very refreshing to read about the introverted habits of countless artists, scientists, and other awesome people. These are my people.

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