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Monday, Feb. 25, 2013 - 9:34 a.m.

J is back from London. Thank goodness, because the nights have been brutal. Last night was still brutal, but it was brutal on both of us, not just me.

Two other things: twice now on this trip people have referred to me as skinny or slim. I find that odd as I have never been and expect that this is a temporary state of affairs. Then after one such comment, mil started to elaborate on my eatig habits. I am very conscientious, apparently. I eat small bowls of things and don't have dessert everyday. I was kind of uncomfortable with this weird praise, especially as I have been eating dessert like 3 times a day since arriving here. And the knowledge that it's all just the breastfeeding; the moment I stop or go on birth control again, I will gain weight and that's fine, my habits will not have changed.

I guess I have changed my eating a lot in the last few years, and I am pleased with the changes, but it struck me as odd to praise a person for simply eating appropriate portion sizes.

The toys. It's a river of new toys. Every day. I feel like something is wrong with them that if Q is reading a book and starts talking about blue train engines and red cabooses, they feel like they have to go out the very next day and buy her a blue engine and a red caboose. She asked for a bow for her hair; instead of getting her one and seeing if she'll actually wear it, mil thinks she's "picking out" bows at the store just because she's talking about all the colors and pulling them off the display. Now we have 4 bows and of course. She's not interested in wearing any of them.

She asks them for a present every day now. There are very few that she actually plays with every day.

It sickens me and I don't understand why they want that kind of relationship with their grandchild. They give ample sorts of other affection, too, but in my view are actively harming her by doing this. We tried to explain more is better with toys. I vetoed the purchase of a plastic play kitchen mil wanted to get her simply because at a friend's house, she played a bit with the play kitchen. I could tell she didn't like to hear no, even though I couched it in the kindest way I could think of. I don't get it at all, but I'm glad we get to leave most of this stuff here when we leave.

Seriously, wtf.

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