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Tuesday, May. 14, 2013 - 10:08 a.m.

We spent the last two days mainly at IKEA. It's an hour and a half drive, but we couldn't make up our minds on Sunday, so we went back yesterday. Spent something like 7 hours there. It was kinda brutal, mostly for those who were not actually purchasing anything (poor father in law).

But anyhow, we triumphed. Picked out countertops to line the space we're calling the 'kitchen annex'-- it's probably supposed to be a dining room, but if you were to put a table in it, it would be smack in the way of the flow of traffic as it is between the living room and family room.

Anyhow-- 6' of new ikea cabinetry. Huzzah! Now we just have to see if J can install it.

He also got a new dresser. And we got a small butcher's block for one of the other corners in the kitchen area. And a nice, streamlined watering can for $1. And some of those rails that you hang stuff on. A hanging dish rack for on it. Etc. It is a wondrous place, the IKEA. When I get a real studio space all my own again, I am going back. Oh yes. I will go back.

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